Marketo should add SMS functionality as well

Marketo should add SMS functionality as well

When we call marketo a marketing automation tool and are not able to send the SMS from marketo (without using third party tool integration), I feel something missing.

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why would you expect Marketo to also be an expert at SMS phone systems? It's a platform.

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I view it as being similar to email. They have brought email into the platform because it's a mainstream form of communication with customers/leads and I am perceiving SMS to be the same as we move more and more towards a mobile centered world.

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I agree with Kevin on this. Recently Salesforce marketo cloud have added a feature, we can create/manage digital campaigns (fb,insta etc) within the toll itself and I feel it's a great move. We have to upgrade ourself as per the market need and customer behaviour.

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Managing FB and Instagram campaigns using their public APIs is so different from SMS, it isn't even close to a valid comparison.

There are technical leaders in the SMS space (Twilio in the US, others abroad) and there is no way Marketo will ever, ever build a best-of-breed SMS service to compete with people who have built and tuned their infrastructure for ~20 years.

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In addition, the compliance rules are very diff for SMS vs. Email. And Marketo has barely enabled permission mgmt now that it's a big deal with GDPR. The number of Firms using SMS is very small in B2B. Doesn't seem like a core component unlike email which 100% of people use.

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