Marketo Sales Insight Performance - Reporting Details

Marketo Sales Insight Performance - Reporting Details

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I'm new to Marketo and my current role but I'm a fan of the new feature that you've built out around the Sales Insight Email Performance.  This a great summary of the information that the Sales Team is sending out with MSI.

What I would really like to see however is a breakdown of the individuals that the messages have been sent to along with the details related to opens, clicks and unsubscribes.

It seems that currently there is a lack of reporting that the Sales Team has access to around the information that they are sending out.  Sure they can see the activity at the individual profile level but I personally would rather have a list that highlights email wins and failures.

If this were something that I could report on out of Marketo I could distribute it to the Team.

If this were integrated into sortable and/or reportable fields inside Salesforce they could create lists or reports themselves and it would be even better.

Thank you

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Our sales team is specifically looking to report on people who have opened or clicked on their emails. So for example, if they sent out an email announcing a new product launch to their active prospects, they would like to easily view who clicked on that email so they can prioritize their follow-ups. Right now their only solution (to the best of my knowledge) is to go into each individual lead record in to view if the lead opened or clicked on their email.

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Yeah, you can sort of do this with Smart Lists or by syncing Programs to SFDC Campaigns and being careful about the Status setup linked to email behavior:




Honestly though, sales should really focus on the MQLs you provide that indicate proper behavior and not worry about Opens (unreliable) and clicks to content offers. Nothing is more irritating than requesting a PDF and then getting a call "Hey, do you want to buy because you liked our whitepaper?"

Marketo can do more for you than that.

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What about if our sales team wants to see who opened and clicked on their specific leads that they sent through Marketo Sales Insight.  I was hoping to accomplish this by subscribing them to the Sales Insight Email Performance Report, but the information provides the number of people opening the email but not who it is.

Our team only sends email to people who they have spoken with on the phone or filled out an application, so it is a small number daily that they would like to keep track of individually.  It would be easiest for them to get the report and see who opened their email or who didnt so they can follow up by phone (if needed) the next day.

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I have the same issue.  Did you ever figure out how to report in detail about who the reps sent the email to and open & clicks? 

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Josh's way above could do the trick but would require a SFDC Campaign for each template and a status update based on the action the individuals took.

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I'm in the same boat. Our Sales Ops wants to run metrics on the lead score changes of contacts, but I can't find such reports in MKTO. In fact the reporting functionality in MKTO is rather lacking. A bit of a disappointment.

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