Automatically tag links in emails with utm variables

Automatically tag links in emails with utm variables

We tag every link with utm variables to get us more detailed source information for all our digital efforts. Some of our tags are unique to the asset (aka the invite to the webinar vs the follow up to the webinar), and others are unique to the campaign/program. It's tedious to add these in manually, and it's confusing for the average user who really doesn't spend time thinking about this sort of thing. It'd be very handy if Marketo had the ability to auto-tag every link in an email asset with the appropriate variables.

Maybe Marketo pursues their own link-tagging system that either automatically tags links from admin-level settings, or provides some prompts during email setup to specify tagging details. Or perhaps it's a Google Analytics integration similar to how Campaign Monitor works.

Note that you can sort of hack your way to this solution today with my.tokens, but the problem is you still have to remember to add in the querystring decoration for them to populate (e.g. utm_source={{my.UTM_Source}}&utm_medium=....). So it sort of defeats the purpose if the biggest problem with url tagging is that no one remembers to do it .

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As an update here for those that want this, there is a bit of a hack to do this now with the new email editor and variables via Erik HeldebroMarketo Hack: Automatically add utm parameters to (all) Marketo emails

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Thanks for sharing Jeff and I like this idea!

It would be an awesome addition to add default UTM parameters in Admin that can be change on asset level when needed. Really too bad it hasn't been implemented in almost two years from when you submitted it.

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this would be very useful

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