Make CSM's contact information available via the Community

Make CSM's contact information available via the Community

I received an email from Marketo yesterday, encouraging me to contact our CSM as a primary point of contact for non-support related issues -- rather than other internal points of contact at Marketo -- and providing their contact information. It was the first I'd heard of who our CSM is. It would be great if there were a way to find this information in the Community, such as next to the Support contact information.

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Yeah, we have been through several CSMs and unless they take the time to reach out and introduce themselves, I'm not aware of who the latest one is. If we have questions, it's a guess if you have the most current email address. Very frustrating experience. Great idea, Grant.

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Customer who didn't know their CSM had left and was unable to get in touch with their new one:

Jessie Kitajima on LinkedIn: “Dear Marketo or anyone, really... I…

Come on, Marketo! Put the info in the interface! We shouldn't have to pray for an email about who our CSM is.

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