Create a system token for pulling the name of a local asset

Create a system token for pulling the name of a local asset

We use system tokens for all sorts of things in Marketo, and in particular love the {{}} token in our URL tagging system for emails. This helps us easily identify the sending program in google analytics and salesforce reports, but we often get requests about what specific email in the program drove the clicks we're seeing. A good example is an event with multiple invitations, reminders, and follow ups. Right now we tag that sort of thing manually with values like utm_content=invite1, but it would be so much easier if we could just pull in the name of the local email asset the click came from, like utm_content={{program.asset name}}.

This, paired with the idea to auto-tag links in emails​, a feature that nearly every modernemail provider​ offers, would be a godsend.

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Wow, didn't even realize these enhanced tagging/parameter capabilities have been available in Eloqua since 2011.  This would be amazing if we had these capabilities in Marketo!

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Jeff Shearer Can you clarify what you're looking for that isn't already covered by Trigger Tokens?

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but trigger tokens only function in the context of a smart campaign. I'm proposing their use within other areas, such as within a variable in an email asset.

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{{program.asset name}} seems a little vague (it could refer to more than one asset and also the asset being sent might not be in the current program at all). How about simply {{]}?

Also, if you DM me, I can show you how to include the Email ID (though not friendly name) in the email. It's undoc'd.

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