Email Performance Report with Average Metrics

Email Performance Report with Average Metrics

Some type of report that displays average rate metrics.  By average I am referring to metrics calculated by adding all of your open rates/click to open rates/unsubscribe rates and dividing by the number of campaigns (emails).  Currently don't have an easy way to compare how our company is doing against benchmarked data (industry average open rates, etc).

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At this past year's Marketo Summit, new "insight" reports will be available that will place your metrics against other Marketo customers.  I actually thought these were supposed to be available by now.  Not sure when these will be released to customers.

3. Analytics: Empower your entire marketing organization with relevant and customizable dashboards. Marketo’s new dashboards will provide:

    • CMO Insights
    • Revenue attribution tied to marketing performance
    • Web insights

This full stack of analytics covers every role, from the everyday marketer to the CMO. Each will have actionable data to use in shaping their marketing strategies.

5. Performance statistics: “What’s a good email open rate? Click through rate? Deliverability rate?”

We believe the platform should provide you with a competitive advantage—data that you can’t get anywhere else.

We’ve distilled data from the past five years into key benchmarks, to show you how you’re performing against your peer group and help you optimize for best practices.

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This will be very helpful! Fingers crossed that it's available by the end of the year for reporting and planning for 2018.

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We also want to be enable to exclude from the metrics, emails such as auto-responders or event follow up emails that just say thanks for attending. Those email tend to have much higher and better performances. therefore making the results look better than they are.

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