Love to have comprehensive documentation on Constraints

Love to have comprehensive documentation on Constraints

This is fairly obvious for some of the constraints and definitely a bit confusing for some of the other "constraints" for triggers and filters.  I'm just so surprised there is no documentation covering all the constraints.  You just need to figure it out by trial and error, discussion groups, chats, support cases, and the such.  It seems like it would be so easy to have an explanation of each of these constraints found in the Marketo Docs.

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Hi Nancy,

Good one, I voted.

But if you combine the number of filters and triggers with the number of constraints- the total is enormous So the doc in questions needs to have an interactive index.


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This partially exists, thanks to me.

Marketing Rockstar's Guide to Marketo - How to Use Marketo 

Marketo System Icons - Marketing Rockstar Guides

Marketo Filters, Flows, and Triggers Glossary

I don't cover every single variation or the latest filters from third parties. It should cover most situations.

Also, there is a blog post detailing the Clicked Link In Email and Visited Page filters.

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