ADA Compliance for Forms

ADA Compliance for Forms

It would be great if we could modify forms for ADA compliance without the need of API and developer tricks. ADA compliance rules have been on the rise and are starting to become a requirement for websites. Simplifying ADA modifications for Marketo forms would be awesome. 

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What kind of actions do you normally take to make forms ADA compliant Ryan Garcia​? Just curious.

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Hi Christina Zuniga,

We add aria-description and aria-labels to form field elements.

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I doubt that Marketo would put this high on the list. The design of your pages is up to you.

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Today is World Usability Day. Please take this idea and make it a reality. Do it because it is the right thing to do. "No one should have to suffer through products and services that get in their way. People should not be made to feel stupid by technology."

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I work for a company that requires us to meet Level AA compliance on the website. While it's nice that Marketo has added the aria-labeledby and aria-describedby attributes to the form input/select elements since this thread was started, the aria-describedby is autopopulated with the API Name for the field and prepended by "ValidMsg." Since this value doesn't match the id attribute value of another element in the page, it's causing an error in WebAIM's WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation tool: which is what we use to check our site for ADA compliance.