Inherit tokens from Engagement program in Requested Program

Inherit tokens from Engagement program in Requested Program

Engagement programs are great. They're especially powerful if used in combination with Content Item Programs; programs that contain all the assets for a single content item. By updating the member status in these programs once they've been requested, you can easily govern which lead/contact has already been sent a particular piece of content. Using this combination of Engagement Programs and Content Item Programs allows you to 'mix-and-match' content, using the same content item in multiple engagement programs without sending the same piece twice.

If you're going to 'mix-and-match' content you'd want to be able to identify which nurture program was responsible for driving traffic to your pages/site. For example; you'd want the value for 'utm_campaign' to come from the Engagement Program and the value for 'utm_content' to be set by the Content Item Program.

The way this currently works is that the engagement program does a handoff of the contact to the engagement program. Once the contact is in the Content Item Program there is no relation back to the Engagement Program. Which to me doesn't make sense.

The way I see this working is that the Content Item Program, on execution, looks at the Engagement Program and pulls in all the tokens as 'inherited' tokens. Any tokens that are in both programs would be considered 'Overwritten' by the Content Item Program (lowest level).

Level 6

Interesting. I experienced a completely different use-case over 1-2 years ago. I had a token in the engagement program with a link for more information on the topic of the engagement program (landing page). I then have several content programs, which has the email. But that email can be used in several engagement programs. at the bottom of the email there was space for the token to be loaded from the engagement program, but it didn't work. You can imagine I have a kind of generic paper to offer, but the context is different depending on the engagement program it is used in. Let me know when it's possible to achieve this 😉

Level 7

It would be great if this worked both ways and not just in Engagement programs. So on a super basic level, if you have an email in one program and then create another one (let's say it doesn't have any tokens at all), and use that email in the blank program, the tokens won't be broken, but rather they would pull the tokens from the program where the email lives. If the blank program has. let's say, two tokens, those two tokens would override the original tokens, but the others would still function properly.

I know this becomes more complicated with folder-level tokens and whatnot, but it would be great if there was a way to make it work.

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