Include Option to add Subject Line to Mailto: Links

Include Option to add Subject Line to Mailto: Links

When linking a mailto: link, add the option to include a subject line within the dialog box. There is currently a way to do this using a third party website however it would be useful if we didn't need to leave Marketo to do this. 

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You can do this and it's always been available in html

mailto:'d like to purchase your product right now

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Thanks for your reply Josh. This way is certainly easier than the third-party website we were using to generate the code. As many of our users aren't HTML-savvy at all, I still believe it would be easier to simply include in the pop-up dialog box. 

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In fact, if you don't URI-encode special characters in the subject you'll break the link (this is equally true of any URL). So you can't just type the URL from scratch.

Compare unencoded:

<a href=" for tea & crumpets">1</a>‍‍


And properly encoded:

<a href="">2</a>‍‍


Encoding can be done in a Velocity token.

And always, always add class="mktNoTrack" to your mailto: links if you want them to actually work!

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Yes, that is much more helpful

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