Google Analytics 4 property integration with RTP

Google Analytics 4 property integration with RTP

Hi all, 


as everything in internet space move forward quite fast so we as well moved to Google Analytics 4 property.


However as I quickly noticed in RTP product documentation, there is nothing about integration with latest version of Google Analytics 4.


At this stage I'm not sure whether it is just lack of documentation or lack of functionality to integrate with latest version of GA4. If there won't be official announcement soon I will run test on my end but will be really nice to hear official answer on that.




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We are setting up a new website, and I sent our developer a new GA 4 tracking code. He quickly came back and said it wasn't working, something about issue with marketo forms. So I am going to setup the universal tag and use that instead. However I am interested in some of the benefits of GA 4 tracking, so would be interested in hearing of support for it.

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Likewise - there's a huge discrepancy between Marketo results from UA to GA4. Am also testing universal tags as above but an elegant integration would be preferable...