Add Unique Identifier to Person Selection on Email Sample Sends


Add Unique Identifier to Person Selection on Email Sample Sends

In theory, Marketo should not have duplicate records with the same email address, but  this is often not the case in actual use. This means when choosing a record to emulate for sending a sample email, there can be multiple results returned when looking for an email address. If there are three records, all three will be listed in the Send Sample dialog box—but there's no good way today to quickly understand which of the three options you're choosing correlates to what record.


Would it be possible to add an additional identifier, such as Marketo ID, Unique Code or Unique Name that could either be displayed in the UI or used as a secondary search criteria? This ensures when there are material differences (such as one variant having custom objects attached) that testing can occur quicker and with less confusion.

Level 5 - Champion

Hi Courtney, although it says "Select person by email" for the send sample email dialog box, you can actually enter the lead ID number string (from the person's profile URL) in that field instead. (Credit to my colleague Cam for sharing this recently!) Agreed that having this option in the UI would be clearer.

- Beth

Level 10

Beth, if I could like your comment five times over, I would—this solves several pain points I have. Still would like to see that in the UI (or at least explained somehow that this technique is possible), but this saves a lot of little time that adds up. Thanks to you and your colleague Cam!