enable case sensitive IS, CONTAINS, ... in filter operators

enable case sensitive IS, CONTAINS, ... in filter operators

Today, the operators in filters are not case sensitive. Typically

First name is "gregoire" will return

  • Grégoire
  • Gregoire
  • gregoire

It would be very useful if we could have a checkbox or an option to ask for a case sensitive match.

This would be extremely useful when manipulating SFDC ID's in lookup fields, for instance. I ran into a case where I provided 250 SFDC ID's in a filter, and the smart list returned 305 leads, and yet the ID is unique


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This would be very complex to implement if the database's underlying collation is case-insensitive, though.

Meantime, a FlowBoost script could be used to do the same in a pinch (you can narrow the list first using the UI).

var sfdcID = {{Lead.SFDC Id}},

  interestingIDs = [ 'aaa', 'BBB', 'cCc', 'Ddd' ],

  isInList = interestingIDs.indexOf(sfdcID) >= 0;

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This would also be great for data management to have consistent naming.

For example:




can all be normalized to "California". It makes for a cleaner look and easier to read.

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