Email report - Sent Date should default to "All Time"

Email report - Sent Date should default to "All Time"

When you set up an email performance report or email link performance report, the sent date of the emails selected defaults to "Last 7 Days". I very rarely send the same email more than once, so when I select an email for use in a report, I expect to look at it for "All Time", not just the last 7 days. Even if the report is at the program level, I still would want to see "All Time" as the default, not just engagement emails sent in the last 7 days. So it makes sense to have the default "Sent Date" to be "All Time".

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Totally agree, this is weird.

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Could this have to do with Enterprise customers? At my current job I don't send out a huge number of emails, but my last job was at a much larger Enterprise company that had multiple product lines, each sending emails to leads, customers, online trialers, etc. Perhaps "Last 7 days" is a way to keep the load time lower for huge customers.

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I'm sure there was some reasoning behind it, but just seems it should be "all-time" by default to combat the error of accidentally not including all the data when first viewing the report.

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