Edit Image Permission

Edit Image Permission

With the Next Gen update to Images and Files Details, users can now edit an image in Design Studio. Saved edits to the image will be reflected wherever the image is currently used, including any live assets. Similar to Edit Form and Edit Landing Page permissions, it would make sense to have an "Edit Image" permission added to Role Permissions so admins could lock down this capability to certain roles.

Level 10 - Community Advisor

Makes total sense to me. You would not want all users to be able to do this.

Level 5 - Champion

Agree with having edit image as a specific role and track in audit trail the last person to edit an image.

Would also be good to be able to go back and view original image - maybe side by side or a ghost overlay, as there may be something cropped out that you want to show another time.

I do like the edit function as often saves finding and uploading a new image, but don't always want the edit to appear everywhere the image is used so uploading as a second image and editing is necessary.