Dynamically update segmentations

Dynamically update segmentations

Need I say more!?

There seems to be a significant lag in the time it takes for a data value change to be reflected in the segmentations. 

It would be nice if this was instantaneous.

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Tara, what sort of lag are you seeing? I know every time that we change a segmentation, the time it takes to apply this to our entire DB, could take hours.
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The lag time is pretty much mandatory because Segs are persisted to the individual record (rather than being calculated at landing page or email send time).  You pay for the calculation in advance, basically, rather than it destroying performance when it's user-facing.

If you're using Segs for emails as opposed to LPs, maybe look into using Email Scripting (Velocity) instead?  It can do a lot of the same calculations and is on-the-fly.
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Completely agree.  We use segmentations to assign leads to SDRs, and the lag time is unacceptable and prevents us from following-up with leads immediately.

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