Do Not target some URLs in RTP Web Campaigns

Do Not target some URLs in RTP Web Campaigns

allow syntax for target urls to exclude pages in RTP Web Campaigns

for instance:*  (for all - exists) (suppressed, does not exist)

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Hi JD,

Thanks for the idea, depending on the use case you may want to look at the attribute in Web Segmentations of Exclude Pages, so your segment won't match a web visitor when they on this page/s and therefore the Web campaign won't show.

The Target URL syntax allows us to know and be pinpoint to the URL for In Zone campaigns, in order for better speed, performance and execution of the campaign.

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Thanks David -- but from what I can tell, if I put the url in the Segmentation, then anyone that has visited that url will be removed from that segmentation, but I still want to target those people -- just not on that page.

The Target URL is pretty risky because I want the campaign to run on every page except one -- if I were to build out all the available variations of pages TO run on, it's a much more complex list than just listing the page or two that I don't want. Open to more ideas though, for sure.

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Let's breathe some new life into this post!

If there were to be an exclude option on campaigns, as there is an include filter, it would make life so much simpler for those using this amazing tool (RTP / Web personalization).

The exclusion filter on the segments is not flawless. It is not intuitive as in excluding these pages from being presented at the campaign level.

If we were to include exclusion filter(s) at the campaign level it would be a simple, but HUGE improvement!

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