Database maintenance options in Admin

Database maintenance options in Admin

At the moment it is only possible to manage Person records in the Marketo UI and to some degree also Company records. That means that anything else needs to be handled via CRM or the (especially with custom integrations) via the API. I am fully onboard with not allowing any marketing user to freely make any more changes to the database. There is however a use case for managing some data via the Admin screen of the UI, so the need for development resources becomes less. Some topics where this would be interesting:

  • Deleting Company records that are orphaned (no contacts, opportunities, custom objects associated anymore).
  • Deleting Opportunity records that are orphaned (no opportunity role or company links anymore).
  • Deleting historical data in Custom Objects.

Any other use cases you can see?

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Status changed to: No plans to build

These are CRM controlled objects so we leave the CRM to manage them. When these objects are deleted from CRM then Marketo Engage will also delete them from it's database. Allowing these items to be deleted freely by users on the Marketo Engage side can cause integration issues. Usually orphaned records are caused by configuration or visibility configurations that are keeping the sync user from seeing deletion events.