Big Red Notification in Instance if Sync is Disabled

Big Red Notification in Instance if Sync is Disabled

If the sync to your CRM is disabled, there should be a big red notification at the top of your instance on every page when you log in.

It's a rare event that you would choose to disable the sync, and recently ours was turned off. We had no idea.

There needs to be an alert in the instance and another good check would be for all admins to receive an alert when the sync is disabled and reenabled.

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If you are using Salesforce you are more than likely going to have to change the password every 90 days. There is an option to never expire the password for certain users that your Salesforce Admin can turn on for the specific Marketo Sync user.

Good idea though, especially if you are unsure when your CRM resets passwords.

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We have our set to not expire
This was an issue of someone turning it off with the button.

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