Email Insights Upgrades

Email Insights Upgrades

There are several features missing from this tool. Works really fast as-is, but I really need these pieces to make this amazing.

  • Tabular format
  • Export as XLSX
  • Custom Audience Dimensions by Smart List or other filters instead of Segmentations
    • I haven't seen that many firms use Segmentations by Buyer Persona. Some do Customer vs. Prospect or by Industry. So this Audience feature isn't quite as useful as believed. Plus, I might get questions that wouldn't fall into the existing Segmentations and I see no reason to use up a Segmentation to answer one offs.
  • Improved Device and Viewer Data
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I agree with all of the above, and will elaborate on this post since it has more likes than the other more specific on the search and filtering limitations in email insights that I think plays into bullet 3 above. 

1. Users only have the capability to do "starts with" vs contains like how many other platforms have today (ie. google analytics, excel sort, cntrl find, active colab project management, crazy egg, adroll, I could go on and on) furthermore, many older programs who do not contains automatically apply regular expression or wildcards to make things possible. This would be my first platform that I can remember only using starts with with out explicitly saying in a drop down "starts with" and not being able to change it.

2. Even when I am able to use your search using its intended functionality of "starts with" For all of our particular audience sends I would naturally select "01. Send Audience Name" you can only select the same 20 items, we are large, but I know you have bigger clients or even smaller clients who would want to group more than 20! (20 is what I was told was the limit even though in the program selector is lets you do 25)
2.b Furthermore, even if we had only 20, the search list drop down available doesn't match my days selected in the report meaning it shows everything beginning of time, they aren't sorted by date nor does it show me the whole list so I cant even select the ones I want with the same name as older ones

3. To accommodate and start using Email Insights in its current form:  We could change our process and move to having tags on programs to group items so that email insights will show all our data, but that means we would have to now create another program (extra step) vs our current system "01. Send Audience Name "to group all of our "Audience Name" sends. Also it would be very hard to go back in time to update everything (if we can even move smart campaigns into new programs with tags) so we could see same month prior year eventually for this same audience

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And by device data, I mean a good table like the one mailchimp does for this type of data and to do this over time, with the caveat this is directional.

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