Add alts to image objects

Add alts to image objects


Today when we upload images to Marketo we cant add a default alt and title for the image.

We can only add alt if the image is being added to a "Rich Text Editor object", but if the template has an image object, all we can do is to choose the image, we can't update the alt so no default alt nor updated one.


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We actually have alt text for image elements in emails, just not landing pages.

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And you can always setup a string variable in your landing page template to handle it as a workaround.

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Justin, it won't help in emails, the idea is to use it for better SEO...

I mentioned it's possible to add it hard coded but not in case of "Image addition" and moreover - we don't want to touch the templates every time for that.

IN ADDITION - we need to differentiate between alts and titles... so this is important

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Justin's saying you can declare mktoString variables, which means you don't have to touch the templates every time for that.  It won't be as smooth as if there were a single place to choose the image URL and the attributes, but it would work, giving control to the page author (as opposed to the template author).

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