BCC option to Individual program

BCC option to Individual program


Just wanted to check if it will be a good idea to apply "BCC" option to Individual campaign or Individual program level?.

Right now "BCC" option can only be enabled by the support team and we can only add only 1 email id and that email gets applied to all campaign/program.

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We would love to have this option too!

Especially since the "BCC" option enabled by the support team does not work as a classic "BCC" but more as an "Additional To", which means that we can't use it with processes that look up the original "TO" email address to process the BCCed email (such as the Email to Salesforce feature in Salesforce and other custom coded processes).

See this discussion for more details: Successfully BCC'ing Salesforce in outgoing Marketo emails


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Hi Vikas,

It should even be possible to apply it to individual emails.

This also should be automated for sales insight emails, with a real BCC, so that the email could be copied to the emailtosalesforce address.


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I agree, this BCC functionality would be fantastic. I chatted with support today and they only have the ability to add BCC to every single email that goes out, not individual campaigns.

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Are you positive that for your particular need you can't use the CC feature? (Which works per-email.)

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