Automatically turn of smart campaigns when archiving folders

Automatically turn of smart campaigns when archiving folders

We are currently cleaning up our projects in MKTO by manually turning off all of our old smart campaigns that are not needed anymore so we can archive them. It would be great if there was functionality when archiving a campaign or folder that turns off any smart campaigns automatically. Or at least add an option if a new smart campaign is created to turn off at a certain time.
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They are already turned off after 6 months of inactivity.

But it might be dangerous to auto disable campaigns and pages that might be linked to your site.
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This has caused us countless headaches while trying to clean-up our Marketo instance. Old campaigns continue to run and programs are still syncing to Salesforce while in archive.

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Could we maybe then at least allow to deactivate at the program level under the Asset tab? Click right and Deactivate. That would help save a lot of time.

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This would be useful.  Currently I have users who archive programs and assume that 'deactivates' them. It is an on-going source of error.

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