Audit Trail - navigate directly from asset in Marketing Activities

Audit Trail - navigate directly from asset in Marketing Activities

You no doubt have noticed a change in an asset (email, landing page, form, smart list, or smart campaign) and navigated to the audit trail to find out the details of the change. This requires you to then open another window to navigate to the audit trail and then filter the criteria down to the specific asset you had in mind from scratch.

Now imagine if you could click from an asset and navigate directly to the audit trail already filtered for that asset. For example, in Marketing Activities you have a smart campaign named "Smart Campaign 1/18". It would be an incredible time saver to be able to navigate to the audit trail directly from that asset and have the audit trail filters pre-populate with "Asset Type: Smart Campaign" and "Asset Name: Smart Campaign 1/18". The date period can remain the default 30 days and "Users" and "Actions" do not need to be filtered down by default.

The link to the smart campaign's audit trail can live in the "Status" tab directly under "Last Modified".

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This is actually how I imagined audit trail would work from day 1. Would love to see this time-saver implemented.

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I love this idea, and did consider it for the initial launch. But had to make some tradeoffs to get audit trail out. That said, I will get on this! I think it's an excellent suggestion. Thanks

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Christina Fuentealba​, thanks for including this idea in today's "Product Roadmap and Customer Love" session.

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Totally agree with this. It can be a bit cumbersome to find things in Audit Trail.

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