Allow "cloning" on a flow step

Allow "cloning" on a flow step

When creating flow steps, allow user to duplicate the current flow step and either add to the current flow or add to another flow.

Use case: When creating a Change Score flow step with fairly complex logic (multiple choices, tokens, etc.) that will update the Demographic Score, a user may additionally want to update the Lead Score. Current functionality requires the user to add a new Change Score item and then recreate all of the logic. A clone option would allow the user to duplicate the previous step and then change the few fields that need altered. Alternatively, allow for AND/OR logic on the Change Score step to allow multiple scores to be updated with a single choice.

(Example of use case in action shown below)


Level 1

This would be a great addition.

Level 7

I was about to put forth this idea and realized it's already out there. (I think duplicated several places too.) This would be a big help. Sometimes it's not helpful to clone the entire smart campaign, but one flow step within it that has many choices needs to be cloned over to another campaign by itself. Thanks for including this idea!

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