Advanced logic ability on visibility rules

Advanced logic ability on visibility rules

Is there any plan to have advanced visibility rules on Forms 2.0 that allow multiple criteria in the visibility rules, where reversing hide and show (as in this idea: isnt an option?

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Can you explain the exact ruleset you are looking for?
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I will try to explain, but dont know how easy it will be in written form! lol! So we use the same forms on the website for organic visits as for visits from google UTM url's, We have 3 utm fields, course name, campus and lead source. A url will always have the lead source utm in, and then may have a campus one and/or a course name one. We have a field called TIME TO STUDY which is date ranges for say 0-3 months, 3-6 etc, and a field for iINTAKE SEMESTER which has the specific semesters in. The basic form works perfectly. If UTM lead source or utm campus or utm course is not empty SHOW time to study, if UTM source IS EMPTY INTAKE SEMESTER shows. I have the same rules for if UTM CAMPUS is empty show campus, and if UTM COURSE is empty show COurse. THis is all fine. BUT my intake semesters are campus dependent. So I have had to make the visibility rules on INKTAKE SEMESTER, if campus = xyz show abc intake semesters, if campus = abc show xyz intake semesters. 

So those forms where the intake semester is campus specific, we have related intake semester picklist values to be campus dependent. This is fine for organic but on UTM ones, the field we are using is Time to study. This means that we would have to relate the time to study to the courses instead, which is fine, but if the UTM url doesnt include a campus UTM, when they pick a campus the intake semester field also shows, as it is set to show based on campus being selected, so then the campus field correctly shows, but when you pick a campus you then end up with both on the form! I have tried various permutations. I can set it so time to study only shows if one of the 3 utm fields has a value (ie we know its coming from a utm url of one sourt or another) but because we have to set  intake semester on campus, if the UTM url doesnt include campus then campus correctly shows on the form but as soon as you pick a campus the intake semester field comes up too. I cannot see any way around this without the ability to have and/or logic on visibility rules. Any ideas?!
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It is indeed difficult to convey in prose!  A flowchart would usually be better for this kind of thing.

Everything you've described, even if I don't have it exactly, can certainly be done using pure JS w/the Marketo Forms 2.0 API, or a combination of simpler JS + some CSS rules.  

Some rulesets are just going to be impossible to express in a declarative interface (like the Forms Editor) which is really why the ability to extend with code exists.  

If you contact me directly I can help you build out the code for the rules.
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