Add Engagement Program Casts to Campaigns/Filters

Add Engagement Program Casts to Campaigns/Filters

Currently, there's no way to filter by engagement program casts or add the casts to campaigns (if received this engagement program cast, don't send this drip email, for example). For my situation in particular, this causes issues because we set up programs within engagement streams to give ourselves more control, but then it's difficult to see which pieces of content our leads have received unless we look them up individually or assign milestones to each "send content" campaign within the programs.

The Member of Engagement Program filter does not provide us with the level of detail that we need,.

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Furthermore, this is frustrating because although the engagement programs are sending emails, for some reason I can't use the "Was Sent Email" or "Not Was Sent Email" filters on them because Marketo is classifying those sends as Engagement Program casts and not email sends. 
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I would like to learn more about this. You should be able to see email sends from within programs, within an engagement program. Feel free to email me directly and we can discuss this in greater detail:

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We also would need to have it in conjunction with the possibility to filter peope who have not received a given email although they were member of the cast (such as being blocked by communication limits or suspension).

See this complementary idea :


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