Add Next Cast to Stream Lead View

Add Next Cast to Stream Lead View

So I needed to find out if members of a couple dozen companies were going to receive any emails from us in the next couple of days (long story, but a sensitive time for these customers).  On the Streams in an engagement program - on Leads view, for each email we have All Casts: and Last Cast: Why not Next cast? I understand that number would be subject to change at any moment (say they take a transition action or triggering action before the send) but that would make this situation much more manageable.

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What is the status on this? I've had problems with emails not being sent and I've been trying to fix it but it's not until send day that I can check if it works! Last time it didn't so it's a missed nurture opportunity and two more weeks until the next cast; hopefully I fixed the problem this time but I can't be sure since I can't see who is eligible for each email.

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This would be extremely useful to see - any update on this?

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