Ability to share views with other users

Ability to share views with other users

I've created a number of custom views for lead lists, and it'd be great if I could share these views with my team. There should be an option to make your views shareable to the rest of your team, but not editable by anyone other than the view owner. Sharing views would be epecially great for those who are new to Marketo!
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Yes - I was just creating a new idea for this myself.  I hope this is a release we see soon.
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We're configuring views in MSI and would really like this capability. Who do we bribe???
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Totaly agree. I will be very useful to be able to share our Views with other users we choose.

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Hi all,


Is this feature still not available. As I also would like to share the list view with someone.

Is there any plan for this feature in Marketo?


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