Community Lens: January 2024

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Welcome to the 11th edition of the Adobe Marketo Engage Community Lens! In this edition, check out and register for all the exciting sessions at Summit 2024, sign up for our new curated learning path on inheriting a Marketo Instance, learn how to ace your Marketo Renewal Exam, and much more!




  • You Can’t Miss Summit 2024: Exceptional experiences are powered by the latest trends and insights — and at Adobe Summit, you’ll discover them all. Explore innovations in Adobe Marketo Engage and Adobe Marketo Measure with labs and sessions that prepare you for the future of marketing automation and generative AI.
  • Master Your Inherited Marketo Engage Instance with Pro Tips from Adobe Champions: Learn from seasoned Adobe Marketo Engage Champions how to confidently navigate and optimize your inherited instance. Sign up for a curated learning path, receiving weekly emails with expert tips on instance audit, issue troubleshooting, and quick wins for enhanced familiarity.
  • RSVP to the Feburary Champion Office Hours: The February Marketo Office Hours with our esteemed panel of Marketo Champions is on February 8th, from 10am - 11am PST! This month, alongside addressing your Marketo inquiries, our panelists are eager to assist with any questions regarding the upcoming Adobe Summit in March. Whether you're a Marketo novice or aiming to elevate your skills, our champions are ready to impart their expertise.
  • Ace Your Next Marketo Expert Certification Renewal Exam: Community member Michelle Chopin shares a detailed study guide for renewing your Adobe Marketo Engage Expert Certification, offering specific resources for each exam topic, from administration and marketing activities to lead and data management. The updated guide provides valuable insights and practical tips for Marketo users seeking certification renewal.
  • 5 Reasons Why Your Stakeholders Should Use Dynamic Chat: Marketo Dynamic Chat revolutionizes marketing and sales by turbocharging nurturing processes, reducing acquisition costs, and providing personalized engagements. Community Advisor and Champion Ajay S. shares firsthand experiences, highlighting Dynamic Chat's impact on real-time engagement, top-of-the-funnel vitality, cost efficiency, intent unveiling, and leveraging insights across platforms.
  • Unlock Marketing Insights with New Marketo Measure Dashboards: Marketo Measure introduces 9 new Discover Dashboards, providing marketers with insights into revenue, attribution, ROI, engagement, lead velocity, opportunity velocity, and web traffic. These boards (currently in beta) offer a comprehensive view of marketing strategies and invite users to share feedback for further optimization.
  • Undestanding the State of Your Database: In this insightful article, Balkar Singh, a Marketo Champion, guides marketers on understanding and optimizing their Adobe Marketo Engage instance by emphasizing the importance of data completeness, hygiene, reliability, and compliance. The article provides a practical template for assessing the state of your database, offering actionable steps to enhance data quality, track database growth, and improve campaign effectiveness!
  • “Upcycling” Your Marketo Instance and Stack: In this blog post, Marketo Champion Chris Willis provides actionable steps for MOPs professionals to upcycle their Marketo instance. From analyzing lead scoring to integrating disconnected MarTech tools and optimizing email marketing through engagement analysis, the article offers a comprehensive guide to transform your “technical debt” into an upgraded demand machine.


In Case You Missed It


  • [On-Demand] Chicago MUG Session on Automation and Gen AI: In this session, you will learn how to leverage Automation and Gen AI to drive growth for your business by looking at tangible examples, that can be applied to any organization and by anyone!
  • Navigating Your Company’s DMARC Subdomains for Optimal Results: When considering email deliverability and SEO, sending emails from the main domain or a subdomain becomes a contentious topic. Read this article from Community veteran Sanford W. on why careful implementation of DMARC policies can help maintain deliverability when switching to subdomains.
  • Tips for Keeping Track of Your Marketo Audit: In our recent Coffee Break on Inheriting a Marketo Instance, Marketo Champion, Maria Cruz offers her process for keeping track of what you find during an audit and what to do after completing one. Key steps include defining audit categories, creating an audit checklist, developing an action plan, cleaning up your data quality issues, and much more. Check out Maria’ comprehensive guide for details and be sure to read about all the additional answers provided during the Coffee Break!


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