Marketo Summit 2018 in Review

Level 10 - Champion Alumni
Level 10 - Champion Alumni

Post originally appeared on The Mind-Hive. If you're a Marketo Champion (current or alumni), we want to open source this effort and help elevate your expertise, brand championship, and overall mindshare. See the first post about the difference between a Hive-Mind and a Mind-Hive 

As I sit on the bus for my morning commute, with Mt Rainier looming over the freeway, I can't contain the motivation for writing this post. Marketo Summit 2018 is over, but I'm still feeling rippling aftershocks. Plenty of other folks will be writing more thorough recaps than I can hope to accomplish in the next 30 minutes, but I did want to share a few fun things.

Your #MarketoFu will be strong

During the Q&A for my session, someone (please comment so I can know your name) asked me flat out when I'd be making more Marketo-Fu videos. If you've missed these, there are 40 live, unedited training videos on YouTube to help new users get started and advanced users to keep ramping up the maturity curve. It needs to be said that I found it extremely humbling and gratifying that those videos have helped so many people. I had at least a couple dozen folks thank me for them or ask me if I was the same Joe from Marketo-fu. The dark-hearted consultant in me just died of happiness to know that a project born of laziness was actually useful. The original intent of Marketo-Fu was to not burn client hours on 30-minute calls to explain minutiae, like how to create user roles. It's the core tenet of marketing automation: anything you have to do more than once, you shouldn't have to do more ham once!    I'm still working through the details of where this new Marketo-Fu sandbox would need to exist, but I fully plan on new videos soon, and very soon. More tk...

#Krewechats are coming back!

Every year, the krewe is re-energized by what we learn at Summit, and the people we talk to. Last year, we stopped doing regular krewechats for a two reasons. First, a few of us had some big life changes, like moving across the country for AWS or finding out a little one was diagnosed with Leukemia (please send Dory Viscogliosi your love, her youngest is just as small and fierce as her template  ). Second - and just because we're being totally honest here - we didn't think it mattered. We had high hopes for getting Marketo's attention for creating a custom revvie award for that level of advocacy, but it didn't materialize. Fast-forward to this year, with the faces of Marketo HEROES blown up on 50 foot banners right on Mission street and throughout Moscone... well, it was reinvigorating. Our current plan is to meet monthly, with our first video being next week to do a full Summit debrief. Stay tuned for that chat! Maybe soon we could get Sarah Kennedy on one, since we're like besties now   

Life goal for Summit 2019: Gunning for Marketer of the Year

No one has ever accused me of doing things halfway. Between what I do as part of my job at AWS to train hundreds of Marketers to leverage our full tech stack to deliver measurable results for the business, to being a Marketo Champion, President of the Champion leadership committee, and Marketo-Fu/Krewechatter extraordinaire, I'm calling my shot and I'm taking aim. In 2019, I intend to win the Revvie award for Marketer of the Year, and I sincerely hope if you're reading this that you'll join me in this crusade and give me a run for the money!

Level 10 - Champion Alumni

I was not the person who asked that question at the session, but I fully support it! Looking forward to more Marketo-fu and KreweChats (and not just because I may be one of the few people who gets both references).

One of my big takeaways from Summit is that even though my marketing ops org is small right now (I'm the only full-time Marketo user), we need to plan for growth. Your session and a few others really helped me realize that we need to set polices, procedures, and Marketo architecture so that we can scale successfully.

Level 10 - Champion Alumni

great post Joe!

Marketo Employee

Summit 2018 would not have been as amazing as it was if it weren't for the our incredible Champions, advocates, customers, and partners. You all do such great and fearless work each and every day. At Summit I am always reminded why I come to work every day and why I love working at all!

My team and I are committed to finding new ways to get content, like Marketo-Fu videos, Krewechats, and more, to everyone who can use it. That's my crusade. Can't wait to see you all in Las Vegas in 2019!!!

Level 5

Joe Reitz it was me who asked about Marketo-Fu videos I was very excited by the reaction in the room.

Level 10 - Champion Alumni

Jasmine! Legendary. I was also pleasantly taken aback by the reaction in the room!

Level 3

I've really enjoyed your Marketo-Fu videos so I am glad they will be coming back, and also so sorry to hear about Dory's daughter. I often find we all publicly talk so much about marketing and tech, that it is so refreshing to hear your candor about real life. It can be tough to balance it all, but I'm glad you took the breaks you needed and will be happy to see more video and Krewechats in the future!

Level 9

Great post! You have my vote for 2019 Marketer of the year!

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Joe, I loved your session! As an entry level marketer who is still learning the ins and outs of Marketo, I appreciated your vulnerability in sharing past mistakes, and I think everyone who uses Marketo should see your session. Where can I find your slides? Thank you for a great session!

Marketo Employee

Danielle Eberhardt​, we will be providing session slides to all attendees. You should hear something from us shortly about it.

Thank you.


Level 2

I didn't ask the ('give us more fu') question - but I attended your session at summit and like others, am grateful you spent your time putting the series together. Essential and enjoyable viewing prior to taking my MCE exam.

Stoked to hear you are adding to the series!