Syncing SFDC Custom Objects That Are Not Associated With Lead, Contact, or Account to Marketo

Version 2

    Issue Description
    You have created a SFDC Custom Object that is associated with an object in Salesforce that is not Lead, Contact, or Account, and you are wondering how to sync this with Marketo.


    Issue Resolution

    Per the Marketo Documentation, it is only possible to natively sync SFDC Custom Objects to Marketo that are associated with the SFDC Lead, Contact or Account objects.





    However, there is a possible workaround for this.


    Our suggestion is to create a place-holder Marketo Custom Object, and then sync the data from Salesforce to Marketo via REST API.




    Using this SFDC Documentation



    This reviews how to set up a workflow in Salesforce to send data to Marketo with REST API.




    This is commonly used in the context of SFDC Custom Objects associated with the Opportunity Object in SFDC. Clients create a Marketo Custom Object to send this SFDC Custom Object data to.




    This will also give you the option to trigger off updates to the Marketo Custom Object.



    Who This Solution Applies To
    Clients with SFDC and Marketo Custom Objects