Leads Not Syncing from Marketo Program to SFDC Campaign


Leads are members of a Marketo Program that is synced with a SFDC campaign, but there are some leads that have not synced to SFDC.


This is generally caused by a Salesforce Sync Error.

1.) In Notifications, check for the subject 'Salesforce Sync Error: Unable to Add Leads to Campaigns'. This will list the details of the SFDC Error and a list of sample leads along with the Salesforce campaign that they failed to sync to

Example error: INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS_ON_CROSS_REFERENCE_ENTITY: insufficient access rights on cross-reference id

Sample Leads:    Salesforce Campaign

lead1@mail.com    Campaign name

lead2@mail.com    Campaign name

This can also be caused by mismatched statuses between the Marketo Program and the SFDC Campaign.  If the status doesn't exist on both sides, leads with the problem status can fail to sync.




Who This Solution Applies To
Customers using Marketo with Salesforce integrated