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    Source Empty

    Christian Tovar


      I've tried to drill down as much as I can in a person source report and continue to stumble upon "empty." Does anyone have a best practice for identifying what the empty could be?


      Thank you!

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          Amy Goldfine Connor

          Are you saying you have people without a Person Source? Somewhere you have a gap in your process. Likely issues:

          - A form without a hidden field

          - Someone uploaded a tradeshow list and forgot to add Source

          - Lead gen vendor submitting via API missing a field

          - Someone created a lead in your CRM manually without a Source


          You can try to do some sleuthing/auditing with the following fields

          - Acquisition Program

          - Original Source Type

          - Original Source Info

          - Any UTM fields you have created


          I don't know what the default rules are or if this is a custom setup, but our SFDC won't accept leads from Marketo without Person Source. So we will get a sync error for those leads which notifies me to correct the error and then figure out the issue.

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            Rachit Puri

            Apart from the suggestions from Amy, you can also look at Original Referrer. Based on the value of the original referrer, you can identify the source for the lead. As an example, if original referrer contains facebook or twitter, it would be ok to mark the source = Social Media. Similarly, you can do the same for most of the other sources.

            For list import, you can look at the list name via which leads got imported without a source. The name of the list may help you identify the source for the leads. This whole process would be a manual exercise but it is worth doing.