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    Multiple identical form fills in campaign

    Diana Watts

      Hi community


      We are currently running a campaign which allows leads to fill out a form to receive information on their preferred study option. I've noticed that 10 leads have filled out the form twice, but haven't changed their study option preference so have basically submitted the exact same form values twice. This doesn't always happen in quick succession - 7 of the 10 re-submitted hours or even days apart, and 3 leads submitted the same form within the same minute. One lead also had three separate form fills days apart with the exact same lead values for a completely different campaign.


      I don't think there is a bot at play here, as I have checked each of the submissions and they are all from the same IP address and user agent. They are all from mobile though, so I'm wondering whether it's possible that the forms have have inadvertently been re-submitted somehow at a later date from the same mobile browser? The landing page redirects to a thank you page on submission, so I'm not sure how that would even be possible but it's the only thing I can think of.


      The landing page is completely standard, no Javascript. All form fields are pre-fill enabled, so leads can see what they submitted previously if they are cookied and visit the form again.


      I would love to limit the number of times leads can pass through the campaign, but I can't. There are genuine cases where leads will submit the form more than once with different lead values.


      The only other possible reason for this is just actual, weird behaviour: people resubmitting pre-filled forms with exactly the same values because they feel like it.


      Has anybody else experienced something similar?

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          Amit Jain

          Its bit tricky but I guess you can do it by adding some custom JavaScript code on your form. Take a look on the following post:


          How to use custom HTML with a Marketo Form | webSIGHTdesigns


          As you can see, you can create your own form in custom HTML and then populate and submit the marketo form using Javascript. So what you can do is, as following:

          1. Create a marketo form with all the fields required like FirstName, Last Name, email addresses and question
          2. Make all these fields hidden and make sure to enable pre-fill for these fields. So in case of the user has already submitted the form, the browser must already have the cookie in place. So you will have the values in these hidden fields that user submitted previously.
          3. Create your own Form in HTML as described in the above post
          4. Upon Custom form submission, compare the values that you have in your marketo hidden fields and in the custom form
          5. If there is a difference in the value of any of the field, update the marketo form hidden fields with the new values and submit the form
          6. Otherwise prevent the marketo form from being submitted and show an alert/re-direct to a page with a message that you already have this information.


          I haven't tried this but let me know if this helps.