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    SPF issues - Email Deliverability PowerPack

    Mackenzie Warren

      Can someone talk to me about SPF validation? We have the Email Deliverability PowerPack (250ok)which shows whether DKIM and SPF are valid for each email send (among other things).


      Every few sends, the 250ok tool shows our SPF as failing. However, when when I run the DSN check in the Marketo admin area, our DKIM and SPF are verified, and there are clicks and opens in the email performance report. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what the 250ok tool is supposed to be telling me. Maybe the seed list doesn't match our actual audience closely enough. Maybe something really is wrong with our SPF.


      How can I troubleshoot this?

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          Jim Thao

          This is what I got from the 250ok support site.  I'd recommend starting with these.  Similarly, I'm sure you can contact their support team for further assistance.


          It’s not uncommon for DKIM or SPF records to be partially invalid. This can stem from a number of issues:

          • occasionally, DNS glitches (receiver-side or sender-side) can lead to temporary authentication errors at specific ISPs
          • invalid DKIM key or SPF record
          • inadequate DKIM bit strength
          • DKIM hash mismatch, sometimes caused by a forwarded message
          • too many DNS lookups in SPF record
          • new sending IP is provisioned but not included in an updated SPF record

          When any of these issues are the case, we make sure to point out the specific ISPs that are having issues so you can better diagnose the problem: