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Trigger fires due to Data Value Change but Filter for the same field doesn't reflect the change - for discussion

Question asked by Denise Greenberg on Mar 8, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2018 by Grégoire Michel

Hi There Community - I'm seeing something that strikes me as a design flaw at the very least and am interested in what the rest of you think.


Here's what's going on. We have a Smart Campaign that occasionally fails to trigger. The setup is:


Smart List:

Trigger 1

Trigger 2

Trigger 3



Filter 1

Filter 2

Filter 3


Where the triggers match the filters (e.g. Trigger 1 is Data Value Changes->Attribute A->New Value=xyz and Filter 1 is Attribute A=xyz. In my experience, this is a common setup - where there are multiple triggers for data value changes - and matching filters because we don't know which of the triggers is going to fire - and all filter values have to evaluate as true for the lead to qualify. And most of the time this works. But sometimes, inexplicably, the data change value for Trigger 1 will occur - but the lead won't qualify for the campaign. And Marketo Support just gave me this explanation as to why:


"What happened was the activity was logged and the trigger for the campaign was fired, then the smart list filters were evaluated. During this time the actual value change was still being written and indexed in our system, which is why the lead was excluded from the campaign." In other words Trigger 1 fired, but when the smart list filters were evaluated, Filter one failed to qualify because the actual value change was still being written and indexed.


I'm not asking for solutions - I know how to get around this. I'm asking for other people's views as to whether this seems like a reasonable way for the product to work. I won't try to suggest how Marketo should fix this but I think they shold make a change such that if a trigger for a data value change fires, we should be able to rely on the filter value matching this change at that time. Other opinions?


Thank you!