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Email Preference Center - Does Not Pre-Fill with Data From Record That Clicked in Email

Question asked by Jessica Biblis on Oct 13, 2017
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Many of our prospects and customers have multiple email addresses in our database. As such, they are often cookied as one record and then they'll have another record that we'll send an email to.


Because of this, we're experiencing an issue. When the user clicks the unsubscribe link, they are taken to our email preference center. The data that pre-fills in the form is for that of a different record than the one to which the email was sent. So, for example, I am cookied as, but I click the unsub link in an email sent to my secondary email address, which is When I hit the unsub page, I see the data for my, instead of


To fix this, if the email address displayed is not the email address that they want to update, they have to log in to their account so we can re-associate the lead with their other record. This is not an ideal user experience. We do not allow them to edit the email address field.


We'd like to have the data display on the form based on the record from which they are clicking the link. It is my understanding that that is how it is supposed to work, so I'm not sure why it isn't. Here is our email preference center. Note that if you are not cookied, it will send you to the account page to sign in/create an account.


Any insight would be much appreciated!