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Integration Help. I'm desperate :(

Question asked by Jas Jones on Sep 25, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2017 by Jas Jones

Hi All,


We are having a huge problem on our duplicate and one of the source that we have notice is that.


We have a Portal Account(third party form) and when they register they are sync firms on salesforce as (contact or person account) then sync to marketo.

And if the record sign up first on marketo forms like free trials. A record will be created first at marketo then will remain in marketo until it reach our threshold.


That is why we have a huge problem on our duplicate.

Because if they sign up first on marketo form (a record will be created on marketo only because they have not reach or threshold) and for example they sign up on our portal the sameday they will have a new record on salesforce either person account or contact.


We have a lot of combination of duplicates.


Marketo only records and SFDC Person account

Marketo only records and SFDC Contact

Marketo only records and SFDC Lead


Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.


And also what do you think  about our portal form wherein all prospect will already become a contact and person account without being lead even tho they don't have any engagement?


Note: They told me before that a contacts are the one who are already qualified by our inside sales to have an opportunity or will be useful soon. but they created a portal account and now our list of salesforce contacts are 98% unqualified most of them don't even have any engagement just sign up and will never go back