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Normalizing Job Titles vs. eliminating them

Discussion created by Devraj Grewal Champion on Mar 28, 2017
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Hello Community,


Though I'd get your feedback on this. I was curious how you guys are choosing to manage job titles. When we have job titles like "CFO" and "Chief Financial Officer", both will have the Job Role of "C-Level" and the Job Function of "Finance" because they are the same exact role despite minor differences in the job title. What is the best course of action to ensure a clean and normalized database?


- normalize both job titles and spell out the initials to "Chief Financial Officer"

- don't rely on job title altogether and only look at a lead's Job Role (hierarchy) and Job Function (department)

- just keep them the way they are


I'm thinking that there is so much variation in job title, that marketers may choose to only want to know a lead's role (hierarchy) and function (department) to determine if they are a good lead to market to.


Feedback is appreciated.