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    Twitter Lead Gen Card Integration with Marketo

      I've searched here, the Products Docs, the Launchpoint PDF http://launchpoint.marketo.com/assets/Uploads/Twitter-Card-Integration2.pdf and in the wider wilds of the internet but to no availe. I keep ended up being pointed to the Launchpoint PDF which contains dead links internally to docs.marketo.com with the exact detail I probably require.


      I've got a form set up in Marketo and have the hidden fields set up. I have my "index.php/leadCapture/save" with my instance address in front of it for the data but keep getting a HTTP method post error each time I try to save/test it.


      Anyone who can help will get me a big thumbs up. I'm just frustrated with the lack of detail everywhere I look and then someone points me to a PDF with broken links