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Twitter Lead Gen Card Integration with Marketo

Question asked by d650cff9c0a370ffbf6ddcd55f6974e2fc948be3 on May 11, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2016 by Mike Reynolds

I've searched here, the Products Docs, the Launchpoint PDF and in the wider wilds of the internet but to no availe. I keep ended up being pointed to the Launchpoint PDF which contains dead links internally to with the exact detail I probably require.


I've got a form set up in Marketo and have the hidden fields set up. I have my "index.php/leadCapture/save" with my instance address in front of it for the data but keep getting a HTTP method post error each time I try to save/test it.


Anyone who can help will get me a big thumbs up. I'm just frustrated with the lack of detail everywhere I look and then someone points me to a PDF with broken links