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Removing Unsubscribed Records that are also Duplicates

Question asked by Jeff Smith on Sep 29, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2015 by John Clark

We use purposeful duplicates in our instance, and we dedupe off email address and business unit. We'd like to remove a number of unsubscribed records that also have not had any activity in a long while. Sometimes, there are records that unsubscribe, but since they have a duplicate record, only one of them gets marked as true for the unsubscribed field. When it comes to emailing, though, all of the records are prevented from being emailed on account of the subscription rules linking to the email address, not to the individual record.


My question is: If I delete records that are marked true in the unsubscribe field, will the duplicates that had not been marked true (but were by extension also unsubscribed), now be qualified to receive emails, since the "unsubscribed" record is now gone? (This would be a problem.) Or, will a deletion campaign somehow rope in those other duplicates and delete them, too, in spite of the fact that the individual record may not have their unsubscribe field marked as true. My goal is, if any of the records have unsubscribed, then I want to delete that record, as well as all of its corresponding duplicates, regardless of whether or not they have that field marked as true.