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Solutions to capturing snapshots of url parameters in MKTO fields associated with Programs?

Question asked by 89f244589b62c97e6ca0429498cd681f55ad7314 on May 22, 2015
Latest reply on May 26, 2015 by Elliott Lowe

I was wondering if anyone can suggest some solutions for capturing snapshots of url parameters.  We're using the standard google url parameters on all of our tracking links and capturing those url parameters in hidden fields on MKTO forms.  However, I want to be able to maintain a record of the values of each url parameter associated with each Program that a Lead becomes a member of.  For example, if person registers for a webinar with utm_medium=cpc, keep a record of that associated with the webinar registration.  Then if that person returns via nurture email and downloads a whitepaper, track utm_medium=email associated with that download.  The challenge is that MKTO overwrites the field with the value of utm_medium every time.


Here's what I've considered:


1. Build lists in each campaign to capture the url parameters.  This isn't practical because you have to build a list for every possible value that you want to capture across all the possible combinations of 5 url parameters.  For example, we recently ran a 4-way email test across two waves of email using all 5 url parameters.  We would have had to build 8 lists just for that test in that campaign.


2. Sync the url parameter data to SFDC and then tag it to the SFDC Campaign Member record.  Unfortunately, due to lag time in the MKTO sync and other complexities in our SFDC instance, we can't get this process to work predictably and reliably.


Here is my question:  Are there any other potential solutions in MKTO or third-party solutions to be able to capture snapshots of the MKTO fields that contain the url parameters and associate those snapshots with the program response.  I'm considering a BI platform, but that's expensive.  Is there any other less expensive, but accurate alternative?


Thanks in advance for any advice.