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Moving Leads Between Partitions

Question asked by 68550 on Oct 31, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2014 by 68550
I have 4 work spaces and 4 partitions:

Workspace A (Default) 
Workspace B
Workspace C
Workspace D

Partition A (Default)
Partition B
Partition C
Partition D

Workspace A can see Partions A, B, C, D
Workspace B can see Partition A, B
Workspace C can see Partition A, C
Workspace D can see Partition A, D

Leads are parsed out to the correct partition based on the Country Name. My campaign is set up so leads move from Partition A move to either B or C, and if they do not fit into either of those, then go to D. Now if someone changes the country name in Partition D, and now it belongs in Partition B, how do you send it to Partition B? Keep in mind, each workspace can only see their partition and the default partition. I do not want to give access to the other partitions so they can see all leads in the partition they are sending to, only the ability to send leads to those partitions. Is this possible or do we have to do an export of the leads and place them into the proper lead partition? Thanks in advance.