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Total Sent Emails Doesn't Match Total List Members

Question asked by 28700 on Oct 6, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2015 by 18427eb30639e0c498fbd272164c106b963cf860
Hi, I have sent an email to two lists: an uploaded list (500) and a smart list of existing marketo leads (46,000).

When I checked the qualified leads before sending the total number was satisfactory, but now that I have sent out the email it is saying that sending was complete to only 24,679 emails. And the uploaded list was not included although I checked it before sending, and my injected email address was there but I didn't receive the email on that address.

How is this being claculated? and what happened to the other 22k odd emails? why aren't they being sent?

I checked for duplicates, invaluids, etc and 46k were qualified. Whare am I going wrong?

Thank you :)