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    Touchpoints per lead?

    Itay Billet
      We would like to measure touchpoints per lead / contact (i.e. how many Programs / SF campaigns are tied to a specific lead).
      I know it's possible within Salesforce (with some development), but I was wondering if it's possible to achieve via Marketo?


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          Josh Hill

          It may be possible in RCA based on some of the screen shots I've seen. Looks like they track Opportunity Role and interactions on that Lead.

          For an individual lead it looks like it would be rather hard to collate automatically.
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            Itay Billet
            Hi Josh, I'm not familier with RCA, but I was able to get this information with the following process:
            1. I created a custom number field in SF (under leads) and synced it to Marketo
            2. I changed the field type from integer to score - This is the only way to add value to fields
            3. I added a smart campaign to a program with the following specification:
            •           Smart List: Trigger - Progression status is changed (in our case, progression status that is changed to anything ONCE will trigger this campaign)
            •           Flow: Change Score - "Number of Campaigns" (custom field) Change +1
            •           Additional step that we used is "New Names" per SFDC Campaign. To aggregate the results in SFDC campaign, you can use this article: http://www.smarketingblog.com/bid/70369/Salesforce-measuring-lead-re-conversions-using-the-Campaign-object                                                                                                                     it requires creation of custom field on Campaign members, a rollup summary field on campaigns and a workflow rule
            It seems to do the trick...the other way is adding some triggers (apex code) to leads and contacts , and I tried to avoid that;)