Included in this article

  • Upgrade Overview
  • Changes Inside Marketo UI
  • Customer Action
  • Analytics Reports
  • Release Schedule
  • Under the Hood

Upgrade Overview

Marketo is upgrading the way that anonymous records get promoted to known leads. This upgrade will allow Marketo to track larger volumes of anonymous web activity without needing to create anonymous lead records, freeing up system resources to be used elsewhere. Anonymous lead records will no longer be created, but when a lead takes action to become known (filling out a form, clicking a link in an email), the previously anonymous web activity will then be pulled into the new known lead record.

Changes Inside Marketo UI

Anonymous leads will no longer be created, so there won’t be any need for Marketo to reference them.

  • The “Is Anonymous” filter will be removed as an available filter to be added in Smart Lists, Smart Campaigns and Reports.
  • Lead Grids like the Leads tab of Smart Lists will not show any anonymous leads.
  • The Lead Database home dashboard will be upgraded to show more useful details like the number of Marketable Contacts and Top Lead Sources
  • For more specific information, please visit the UI Changes documentation here.

Customer Action

  • The main action customers will need to take will be to remove the “Is Anonymous” filter from any place it is currently in use.
  • Instance Notifications will give direct links to all places where the “Is Anonymous” filter is being used.
  • For more detailed information, please visit the Customer Action documentation here.

Analytics Reports

  • The “Is Anonymous” filter won’t be able to be used in Analytics reports.
  • Anonymous web activity will still be able to be tracked and reported on.
  • For additional details about this, please visit the Analytics Report documentation here.

Release Schedule

          Release schedule note.PNG

  • Winter Q1 Release: February 3rd—5th. UI changes made, anonymous leads become inaccessible.
  • Post Winter Q1 Release – Staggered rolling release. This process will take months to complete. Back end rollout of lead promotion changes, Analytics reports and Munchkin upgrades occur
  • For more specific details, please visit the Release Schedule documentation here.

Under The Hood

  • Anonymous Web Activity will be logged to the lead record after the lead becomes known.
  • Active triggered campaigns will be processed when the lead becomes known, but some flow steps will not be processed.
  • Secondary campaigns (campaigns triggered off of activities performed by the campaigns triggered by the lead promotion) will not be triggered.
  • “Is Anonymous” filters still in use and set to Is Anonymous=True will return zero leads.
  • For more technical details, please visit the Under The Hood documentation here.