Re: What's your On-demand webinar process?

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What's your On-demand webinar process?

Hey Marketeers! 


I'd love to know the processes and programs y'all have in place for your on-demand webinars. We're currently using GoToWebinar (but I'm sure the process is similar for other providers). 

In our setup, we have 2 separate event programs. One is for the live webinar and one is for the on-demand webinar. They both have registration pages, thank you pages, and watch pages.  I would like to combine them into one and if you have any examples, I'd love to see yours! 

Brett C. - Marketing Manager @ Palisade
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Re: What's your On-demand webinar process?

I'd love to know if this is possible using the Zoom integration. I'm guessing no, but would love to be proven otherwise....

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Re: What's your On-demand webinar process?

We have only one program per webinar. Once the webinar is over, we manually insert a piece of script that embeds the recording - hosted in Wistia - on the former registration TY page. 


And then we'll flip a token in that program that triggers java script to change the former live webinar reg page into a watch-recording page.


Success tracking and scoring for recording views happen through the Wistia/Marketo integration.

Re: What's your On-demand webinar process?

I am using only 1 program for both live and on-demand. After the webinar we added the embedded video into the Thank you page, and also a link to the website.

In the program success, you can set the success step for live and or ondemand

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Re: What's your On-demand webinar process?

I have always combined them into one, since they're one asset. Use different program statuses for "attended" and "attended on demand".

Amy Goldfine
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