What is the most ideal naming structure?

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What is the most ideal naming structure?

Hi All!


We want to be able to get EVERYTHING we can out of Marketo. 


What is the most ideal naming structure for your Folders, Programs, Assets, etc to get everything you want out of Marketo especially reporting?  I have seen multiple people claim their structure is a best practice.  What is THE best practice?

Thanks ahead of time!

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Re: What is the most ideal naming structure?

Here is great documentation on best practices from Jeff Coveney: Bring Order to Marketo with Naming Conventions.

For programs it is recommended to use this format:

[Abbreviated Program Type]-[4-digit Year]-[2-digit Month]-[2-digit date]-[Program Description]-[Location or Content Type]


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Re: What is the most ideal naming structure?

There are lots of options, whatever works for you.


but you do have to ENFORCE it and document it. I do something similar to Devraj, but more expandable:

Dept Code - Country Code - Channel Code - YYYY-MM-DD-Something about this.

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and then have naming for Folders, Program Sub Folders, Child assets, etc... Usually I do the order in which the asset will be used.

Never have Child Assets with long names as it is not necessary and redundant like

Email Invitation. Email Invitation