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Week over week nurture reporting

Our client is looking for an easier way to generate a week over week report for the 2 of their nurture stream reporting. Is this something we can setup in Marketo, say a week by week reporting over the last 3 months?




Nurture #1 Week 1:    Sent 1756    Delivered 1673   %Delievered 95.3 %

Nurture #1 Week 2:    Sent 1660    Delivered 1593   %Delivered  96.0%



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Re: Week over week nurture reporting

If you have RCE - you can pull the timeframe rows in the Email Analysis Report along with the apt measure e.g. click, open, etc. You need to apply apt. filters on the email name and on the time frame. You can create subscription to get the report delivered in the inbox.


Or, you can use the engagement stream performance report, configure the date of activity timeframe to lookback 7 days in the setup tab, and subscribe to the report so you get the report in delivered to your inbox weekly. For getting the w.o.w. data of past 3 months, you need to keep changing that date of activity filter to the 7 day date ranges you want to look at, and then export/note the data.